Monday, August 5, 2013

Once upon a time at Kedarnath...(Available)

I have kept this title of my work after a sad disaster at this beautiful place.Kedarnath  is a major temple of Lord Shiva situated in state of Uttaranchal,India.Once, before this disaster ,it was one of the most beautiful temples in India. Surrounded by green hills and snow cladded peaks the grey colored shrine used to create a very beautiful and picturesque scene.But after that black day everything has been destroyed except the main temple and it will take a long time to revive the lost beauty of this place......


  1. yes the disaster took away many lives and the natural beauty. Lets hope for the nature to bounce back to the same and better then before state.
    painting is really breathtaking

    Manoj K

    1. Dear Manoj,Thanks a lot for your are right we should hope for the same..

  2. Hi Anurag, Really nice work to paint this magnificant temple.
    I am currently working on making computer model of it but really sad that there are not enough pictures of all details. In fact i had planned to visit Kedarnath but i was stuck in Tungnath temple when the tragedy hapenned.
    Goodluck :)

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