Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Lake Palace,Udaipur

Lake Palace (formerly known as Jag Niwas) is a luxury hotel of 83 rooms and suites featuring white marble walls, located on a natural foundation of 4 acres (16,000 m2)rock in the center of well known PICHHOLA lake.It was built in 1743 under the direction of the Maharana Jagat Singh II
(62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar) of Udaipur, as a royal summer palace and was initially called Jagniwas  after its founder. The palace was constructed facing east, allowing its inhabitants to pray to the Surya(Hindu Sun god) at the crack of dawn. The successive rulers used this cool haven as their summer resort......

Friday, November 15, 2013

VEENA (Sold)

The veena is one of the most ancient string instruments of India. Its origin can be traced back to the ancient yazh, a stringed instrument, similar to the Grecian harp. Bharata, in his Natya Shastra, explains the theory of the 22 sruti-s in an octave with the help of two experimental veena-s.
The veena then went through several innovations and modifications. In its current form, the instrument can be attributed to Raghunath Nayak ( circa 17th century ) of Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu.
The veena is 1.5m long and is made from jackwood. It has a large, round body with a thick, wide neck, the end of which is carved into the head of a dragon. A small resonator is attached to the underside of the neck. The veena has 24 metal frets embedded in hardened bees-wax, mixed with charcoal powder.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Once upon a time at Kedarnath...(Available)

I have kept this title of my work after a sad disaster at this beautiful place.Kedarnath  is a major temple of Lord Shiva situated in state of Uttaranchal,India.Once, before this disaster ,it was one of the most beautiful temples in India. Surrounded by green hills and snow cladded peaks the grey colored shrine used to create a very beautiful and picturesque scene.But after that black day everything has been destroyed except the main temple and it will take a long time to revive the lost beauty of this place......