Saturday, July 12, 2014

Temple at Ekling Ji (Udaipur)

It's a very picturesque place near Udaipur.Ekling Ji group of temples is situated about 20 K.M. from Udaipur.Basically it's a temple of Lord Shiva and the one of the most ancient places around Udaipur.This temple is facing a small lake Indra Sarovar and collectively its a treat for any painter or photographer..

Gangour Ghat(Udaipur)

Gangaur Ghat is a very beautiful destination in city of lakes Udaipur.It's a magnificent three gate structure situated on the banks of Lake Pichhola and characterized by its architecture and picturesque surroundings.The wide stairs of this ghat are used for bathing by local people.There are few temples also situated near the Ghat...

Lord Ganesha(Sold)

also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is a widely worshipped deity in India. His image is found throughout India and Nepal.Hindus worship him regardless of affiliations. Devotion to Ganesha is widely diffused and extends to Jains , Buddhists, and beyond India
Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha's elephant  head makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva (God) of intellect and wisdom.