Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Color pencil is relatively a new medium and it is very handy to work with.Its totally my FIRST attempt with this medium.I was very curious that which type of results ,a color pencil gives,and yesterday only I bought a set of the same.Today I tried with it and I am sharing my first work with you.......


  1. Very neat..I think you have used them to their full potential! Only thing is that usually the drawings by color pencils dont turn out bright enough...but you did very well!

  2. very nice drawing and pencil work... and that too in your first attempt... that feathery look is very nicely executed...

  3. I usually work with Pencil colors, I hope u must have seen my pencil art.
    You have done a fantastic job with creating a REAL effect through his feathers and the green background.

    Free Hand Madhubani Painting

  4. very good attemept.some guys do simple watercolor wahses and color pencil on top of that. you could try that next

  5. gr8 work indeed..liking cool clour schime..with split complimentary touch...creating real illusion

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